Sporting & organisations that welcome all ability participants

We are continually developing partnerships with local sports clubs and organisations that welcome and support people with a disability. If you would like help to find a sport that suits your interests and abilities, contact our Townsville office.

Located in Townsville, QLD – Happy Touch provides a modified version of touch football aimed for those with a physical and/or intellectual disability.


Happy Touch encourages people aged 12 years and above of all abilities to become involved who are willing to learn and participate in a team sport. Happy Touch provides a safe, fun, supportive and most of all an enjoyable environment for everyone. Happy Touch focuses on the ability, we encourage the possibilities and we believe in the opportunities. Happy Touch is Touch Football without Barriers…

The Modified Rugby Program (MRP) and Brothers Rugby Union invite you to come along to the first game of the touch only rugby MRP season to witness the healing power of rugby for girls, boys and young adults with learning and perceptual disabilities.

The game will showcase the MRP division where girls and boys 7 – 13 years with learning and perceptual disabilities will experience the sheer thrill of playing rugby, often for the very first time.

Each MRP player will play alongside their own individually matched teenage PlayerMentor 14 – 18 years for guidance, support and encouragement.

MRP PlayerMentors are professionally trained through an interactive Leadership Program to learn all things ‘MRP’ from inclusion, mentoring and leadership and to put it into practice!

The MRP game is a modified form of rugby union (no contact), endorsed by Rugby Australia (RA), which has been designed to meet their specific needs.

The Townsville Sailing Club was started on 21st October 1895 when a group met together at Picnic Bay and agreed to form the Club.

The Townsville Sailing Club has been operating under one name or another since then. While the name has changed over the years, the chief activity remains the same. It has provided a healthy outdoor challenging sport for children and adults alike and given families an activity to enjoy together. It has trained many national champions in sailboat racing but more importantly has built the character and self-esteem of generations of Townsville’s young adults.